Bible Verse of the Day – December 13, 2022

Verse of the day December 13 2022 I am the vine you are the branches if a Man remains in me and I in him he will Bear much fruit apart from me you can do Nothing This is to my father's Glory that you Bear much fruit showing yourselves to be My disciples John 15 verses 5 and 8. thoughts on Today's verse Take on Jesus character by remaining Intimately connected to him The distance between Heaven and Earth is Not so great when heaven lives within us In John 14 Jesus reminded us that if we Will obey him he will come and live in Us and will reveal himself to us so as We obey him we know him better His life becomes real in US Prayer Precious Lord I want to obey your word Your will and your example I want to Obey you to honor you to love you and to Know you So please help me better come to know You as I more closely walk in your steps Help me to know what it means to live Your life in my world Because of Jesus mighty name I pray and Thank him as my Lord amen [Music]

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