Bible Verse of the Day – March 7, 2023

Verse of the day March 7 2023 Humble yourselves therefore under God's Mighty hand that he may Lift You Up In Due Time cast all your anxiety on him Because he cares for you First Peter 5 verses 6 to 7. Thoughts on today's verse In a universe so incomparably vast and So marvelously diverse we can be Paralyzed by our insignificance and Impotence in the face of such staggering Enormity but in moments of simple faith We can be calmed by our reverence and Dependence on the Creator and sustainer Of such wonders and find great comfort That our lives are in his hands Prayer Almighty and wondrous God thank you for Knowing me even though I can't begin Comprehending Your Glory I Need Your Love care protection blessing Grace Forgiveness and presence without you I Have nothing of lasting significance Please be near In Jesus name I humbly ask amen [Music]

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