The Book of Ezekiel Chapter 33 – New King James Version (NKJV) – Audio Bible

Chapter 33 Again the word of the Lord came to me Saying Son of man Speak to the children of your people And say to them When I bring the sword upon a land And the people of the land take a man From their territory and make him their Watchmen When he sees the sword coming upon the Land If he blows the trumpet and warns the People Then whoever hears the sound of the Trumpet and does not take warning If the sword comes and takes him away His blood shall be on his own head He heard the sound of the trumpet but Did not take warning His blood shall be upon himself But he who takes warning will save his Life But if the Watchman sees the sword Coming And does not blow the trumpet And the people are not warned And the sword comes and takes any person From among them He is taken away in his iniquity But his blood I will require the Watchman's hand So you son of man I have made you a Watchman for the house

Of Israel Therefore you shall hear a word from my Mouth and warn them for me When I say to the wicked o Wicked Man You shall surely die And you do not speak to warn the wicked From his way That Wicked man shall die in his Iniquity But his blood I will require it your Hand Nevertheless if you warn the wicked to Turn from his way and he does not turn From his way He shall die in his iniquity But you have delivered your soul Therefore you o son of man Say to the house of Israel Thus you say If our transgressions and our sins lie Upon us and we Pine away in them how can We then live Say to them As I live says the Lord God I have no pleasure in the death of the Wicked But that the wicked turn from his way And live Turn turn from your evil ways For why should you die o House of Israel Therefore you o son of man Say to the children of your people The righteousness of the righteous man Shall not deliver him in the day of his

Transgression As for the wickedness of the wicked he Shall not fall because of it in the day That he turns from his wickedness Nor shall the righteous be able to live Because of his righteousness in the day That he sins When I say to the righteous that he Shall surely live but he trusts in his Own righteousness and commits iniquity None of his righteous Works shall be Remembered But because of the iniquity that he has Committed he shall die Again when I say to the wicked you shall Surely die If he turns from his sin and does what Is lawful and right If the wicked restores The Pledge gives Back what he has stolen and walks in the Statutes of life without committing Iniquity He shall surely live He shall not die None of his sins which he has committed Shall be remembered against him He has done what is lawful and right Shall surely live Yet the children of your people say the Way of the Lord is not fair But it is their way which is not fair When the righteous turns from his Righteousness and commits iniquity He shall die because of it

But when the wicked turns from his Wickedness and does what is lawful and Right he shall live because of it Yet you say the way of the Lord is not Fair O House of Israel I will judge every one Of you according to his own ways And it came to pass in the 12th year of Our captivity in the tenth month on the Fifth day of the month That one who had escaped from Jerusalem Came to me and said The city has been captured Now the hand of the Lord had been upon Me the evening before the man came who Had escaped And he had opened my mouth So when he came to me in the morning my Mouth was opened and I was no longer Mute Then the word of the Lord came to me Saying Son of man They who inhabit those ruins in the land Of Israel are saying Abraham was only one and he inherited The land but we are many the land has Been given to us as a possession Therefore say to them Thus says the Lord God You eat meat with blood You lift up your eyes toward your idols And shed blood Should you then possess the land

You rely on your sword you commit Abominations and you defile one Another's wives Should you then possess the land Say thus to them Thus says the Lord God As I live Surely those who are in the ruins shall Fall by the sword I'm the one who is in the open field I Will give to the beasts to be devoured And those who are in the strongholds and Caves shall die of the pestilence For I will make the land most desolate Her arrogant strength shall cease And the mountains of Israel shall be so Desolate that no one will pass through Then they shall know that I am the Lord When I have made the land most desolate Because of all their Abominations which They have committed As for you son of man The children of your people are talking About you beside the walls and in the Doors of the houses And they speak to one another everyone Saying to his brother Please come and hear what the word is That comes from the Lord So they come to you as people do They sit before you as my people and They hear your words But they do not do them For with their mouth they show much love

But their hearts pursue their own gain Indeed you are to them as a very lovely Song of one who has a pleasant voice and Can play well on an instrument For they hear your words but they do not Do them And when this comes to pass Surely it will come Then they will know that a prophet has Been among them

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