What Is the Bible’s First Blessing?

The first blessing in the Bible is when God creates animals and he blessed them Saying be fruitful and multiply and fill The land ah so God's blessing is about Flourishing and multiplication of life Right it's when God shares his life Producing ability with others next God Gives humans an additional blessing that Sets them apart from the animals not Only are we one of God's creatures that Can generate New Life we've also been Appointed as God's representative image To rule and oversee this whole Flourishing World on God's behalf so Part of our blessing is to take care of God's blessing for all creation and God Wants us to rule while trusting in his Abundance to eat from the Tree of Blessing that is the tree of God's Own Eternal life now there is another tree To eat from yes and it represents this Decision to try and seize abundance and Life on our own terms by our own wisdom [Music]

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